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A lot of my Sex+ babes have been sending me Lily Allen’s new music video “Hard Out Here" and asking for a review.  So…here are my half baked thoughts.

Let me start by saying that I love that there are fierce female musicians out there creating content that critiques misogyny in the media.  At it’s heart, this song is the shit.  It slaps, it’s critical, it’s unapologetic and real.  Oh, and it makes fun of Robin Thicke.  

Why can’t we have more like this?  Plz?  Pritty plz?  I wish it was more common.  And for that, I give Lily Allen mad props.  

Howeverrrrrr I am in solidarity with the outcry about some issues with the video.  Unfortunately, Lily went by the wayside by objectifying black women (a la miley cyrus and iggie azalea).  Again and again we see white women using black women as props — there for ass shaking and adding an edgy/sexy vibe in the background.  

If you watch the vid, you’ll notice the black women are hyper-sexualized in a way that Lily herself (and the other white/white passing women) are not.

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